The Team
Our creative, respectful and hands-on teams are dedicated to making innovative, engaging games. And we’re always looking for highly-talented and ambitious entrepreneurs to join us. Come work at something you already love to do: making life more fun with games.
At GAGALE, no matter what the role, we share the same core values:
Keep It Simple

We work together as a team and focus on the players. It’s a simple approach, and it’s allowed us to evolve as a team and as a business.
Good Work Speaks For Itself

We believe in a good work ethic and value open discussion about each other’s ideas. As we create new products, our team gives each other constructive criticism to ensure every detail is addressed. The team approach is what makes us great!
All About People

We care about each employee’s ideas and feedback. Our employees are passionate, and that passion leads to innovation.

Our office culture

Be Yourself Express yourself, your ideas, and your passion at GAGALE. Making great games means feeling comfortable to be creative and take risks! Share Your Successes and Failures At GAGALE, we encourage your to share not only what’s working, but also what’s not. Sharing what you learn makes the team and the company better.
Learn and Grow At GAGALE, we expect team members to take on challenges, and we provide the support and team to help you overcome them. Be an Entrepreneur At GAGALE everyone is an entrepreneur at heart. We love the heart and spirit of a star-up, and the opportunities that creates for everyone.
Community, Not Bureaucracy We believe that a strong community of mutual respect is what gets things done, not strict management hierarchy.